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Playtech Software Review

Playtech was established in 2000 and over the years, this company has soared to the top of the list for thousands of players and online casinos around the world. With an outstanding reputation for safety and security, this software developer creates world class games and offers amazing casino services to all players. Though not available to players from the US, Playtech remains a top choice for many international players looking to experience the very best in online gambling.

Playtech is one of the few publically traded software companies. In 2005, the company began trading on the London Stock exchange. The proceeds from this action was to be used on the further development of casino software and the development of new games and services.

Players who have experienced the action in a Playtech casino can attest to the great safety levels that are available. The company believes in taking all steps to ensure that each player is protected. By using secure encryption software in the casino, all transactions are processed securely, offering players the level of safety they desire when playing online. In addition to the personal and financial security offered, Playtech casinos also test all games using an independent auditing company. This will guarantee payers all have equal chances when playing games and verifies all payout percentages in the casino.

Playtech is best known for being the very first company to introduce live dealer games. These games bring players even closer to the action and provide the most realistic gambling experience possible. With games played in real time and the ability to interact with others, players have loves the offerings of these live games and continue to make them top choices when they visit a Playtech casino.

Playtech has a long list of available games, offering more than 200 choices. Not every Playtech casino will support the same game titles, but players will surely be able to find something fun and rewarding. With great slots and amazing table games, Playtech is deemed one of the most reliable and respected companies in the business and continues to draw new players based on the level of safety and trustworthiness that Playtech is internationally known for. Playtech casinos are a great choice for any new player. Offering amazing customer service, great games and awesome casino bonuses, players will be pleased with their Playtech experience.

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