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When players enter an online casino, one of the first things they will notice is that there are many online pokies to play. These games are among the most popular for players from New Zealand and offer ongoing action and some amazing cash payouts. Playing online pokies will not only entertain and amuse players for hours, but can also produce life altering wins.

Players will find different types of pokies supported in every online casino. Traditional three reel games are Vegas style pokies that offer a standard machine and a simple game layout. These games are classic pokies and though they do not offer the many features that can be found in other games, they can be very rewarding. Many new players will first try their hand at traditional pokies because they are easy to understand and fun to play. They are also very affordable, which is an attractive feature for players on a budget.

Video pokies have become very popular and players will find a huge selection of these games online. These types of pokies usually have multiple paylines and some amazing game bonuses that can add to the winnings. Video pokies are also themed games that use high quality graphics, animations and sounds. These games will provide great excitement and one of the main highlights of a video pokie is the bonus round. There are various bonuses, including free spins and second screen bonuses and these can really add quite a bit to the player account.

The final type of pokie that will be found online is a progressive jackpot pokie. These usually attract a lot of attention because of the size of the jackpot being offered. If playing in a Microgaming casino, players will see jackpots that can soar beyond $1 million. These games are often video pokies, but there are a few traditional games that also offer a progressive jackpot. One thing players need to note is the wagering requirements of these games. They will often require a maximum bet, which can be costly for some players. However, some casinos will support random progressive jackpot games that do not have a required bet and can be just as rewarding.

Playing pokies at online casinos can be a rewarding experience. Players should always try to choose games with high payout percentages and enter each gambling session with a set pokie budget.

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